We genuinely care for our clients and seek to establish long-lasting
relationships and partnerships for mutual benefits. We go the extra
mile in serving the clients we are therefore dependable. Our joy and satisfaction are attained when our clients are satisfied and meet their strategic goals.

Who are we?

C. Mputhia Advocates is a faith-based law firm that applies the principles of Kingdom Entrepreneurship at all levels. We believe that we have been given a mandate in the marketplace which makes us unique. We, therefore, take a bold and innovative approach to our services. We believe that we have been called to make a change in the business environment. Our vision and mission are derived from what we believe to be our unique calling.

What we offer?

C.Mputhia advocates is in its second strategic phase whose theme is “pioneering and globalization”.We have innovatively packaged our legal services in seven thematic areas as we do believe in diversification and specialization. The thematic areas are headed by an Advocate. In all the thematic areas of practise,we aspire to uphold our vision of inspiring and pioneering change


Whom do we serve?

We serve clients from all walks of life. From the startup company to the listed company,our services cut across the board. Our main target clients are enterprises or individuals that seek growth and expansion. Change is a catalyst of growth,without change there is stagnation. At C.Mputhia we seekto be change agents and we also aspire to see our clients take advantage of change for their growth.Growth also brings about changes and as our clients grow we are at hand to walk with them through changes.

Our Vision

To be a leader of change and growth in the legal and
business environment.

Our Mission

  • To provide innovative legal solutions for all your legal requirement (Innovative lawyers).
  • To update you on any legal and regulatory changes that will affect you and your business (We add value.)
  • To focus on emerging laws.
  • To grow with you as we offer practical, needs-met,  cost-effective legal solutions (We are your partners).

Our Values

  • God is our foundation and this firm is anchored on Him.
  • Change and Growth.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Ethics and Trust.


Our CSR program is heavily drawn from our value “God is our Foundation”. We, therefore, have a strong ethical and giving culture. We are members of the Trust Law Foundation, a global pro bono initiative run by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Through Trust Law, we have offered pro bono services to NGOs and other qualifying entities.

Our Innovation

We are the brains behind CMPLR, which is a platform that enables innovators to grow through nurturing and mentorship that we provide. Through CMPLR we provide innovators with technical advisory services, commercialization strategies, and market access.

We have developed our app to enable us better serve our clients.
We have a lot of training videos and articles, where interested persons can access legal information in a simplified form. Check out our YouTube Video C.Mputhia Advocates.

Opening Hours is from
Monday  –  Friday

8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m

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Karen Shopping Center,

P.O Box 67693-00200 NRB

Tel: +254736809517 ,+254(02)02001236


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